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Divas on Writing: Creative Roadblocks – Write Divas | Write Divas

Creative Roadblocks: What keeps you from writing?

As I look back on the past year, I am reminded that I didn’t write that novel I’d planned to get on paper. I wrote plenty for this site, and while I can count that as practicing my craft in a sense, it did not get me any closer to my goal to write a novel. So why didn’t I write what I’d planned? Well, I’m a bit of a master procrastinator when it comes to my creative muse. If she takes a hold of me, I can’t do anything else but write her genius. When she’s merely in the room tossing out ideas in my general direction, my attention span takes on a SQUIRREL! quality I haven’t had since I was a toddler. It’s as if my psyche is purposely sabotaging me with creative roadblocks. So what ingenious, or not so ingenious, ways have I worked at not reaching my goal?

To read more of my article, visit Write Divas >> Divas on Writing: Creative Roadblocks – Write Divas | Write Divas.

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