Should We Ban Bossy?

Should We Ban Bossy? [Reposted from my article “Diva Chat: Should We Ban Bossy?” by Janine Savage on Write Divas.]   Recently Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg did something that makes little sense to me. She called for a ban on the word bossy. She claims that this word is used to belittle girls and women; therefore, […]

Why PacSun’s Visual T-Shirt Line Should Offend You Too

I found a great article by Rachel Watkins that I wanted to share. Watkins hits the nail on the head about the reaction in the press and on the Internet to a woman who objected to a T-shirt line being sold at PacSun. Why PacSun’s Visual T-Shirt Line Should Offend You Too. I’ll say upfront […]

Giant Bubble Explosions

I know it’s been a while. My only excuse is that life and work got super busy. But enough about me. I came across this cool video about giant bubbles and what they look like when they pop while using slow motion capture. I just  might have to do this with the kids… soon… before […]

Beastie Librarians

M&D 2013 Sabotage from Mike and Duane Show on Vimeo. What happens when you combine librarians and the Beasties Boys? Awesomeness!

Surprisingly Insightful Ashton Kutcher

  I’ve never given Ashton Kutcher much notice. Sure he’s good-looking and has done time on the covers of the tabloids, but he always came across as superficial to me. I freely admit that I figured Kutcher to be a shallow pretty-boy… probably a product of the characters he’s played in the past. But this video […] Undercut Amazon Books 10%

VERY SHORT POST! So, if there’s a book you’ve been wanting to buy but have been waiting for the price to drop, check out They are undercutting Amazon’s book prices by 10%  for a good deal this week only as a thank-you to their loyal customers for a good year so far! Check out […]

Best Wedding Toast Evah!

Best wedding toast evah! This is really good. The line for the recording studios and agents starts over there…

Happy 4th of July

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July celebration yesterday. I’m still recovering. We went the traditional route this year, meaning we didn’t lounge around the house or act like it was just another day. We braved the crowds and the heat to see our daughter in the parade (and embarrassed her when I had […]

A Sad Day: Vince Flynn Dies at 47

It saddened me to learn that one of my favorite authors died yesterday. Vince Flynn, the author of Kill Shot, Last Man and American Assassin, died at the young age of 47 of prostate cancer. He left behind his wife, Lysa, and their three children. I picked up Flynn’s American Assassin, thinking my husband would like it in my […]


It’s not every day that I’ll admire a bug. Most days I’d rather squash them or run screaming for cover when they start dive bombing my head. I swear flies have a thing for my ears, always trying to use them as their personal landing bay. So it is a rare occasion that I will […]

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