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Author and Blogger Fan Appreciation Giveaway!

Originally posted on Beverlyn Elliott:
January Author/Blogger Fan Appreciation Giveaway This is a joint Author & Blogger giveaway! Bloggers & Authors have joined together and each chipped in a little money towards a prize pack totaling  $240 in amazon gift cards!  This is our way of saying thank you to all of our wonderful fans…

Writing Tips: Details: Fantasy Transportation (Guest Post – Charles E. Yallowitz)

Originally posted on Shannon A Thompson:
Shannon, here, for an introduction:  If you checked out my last post, then you know about my new series: “Writing Tips: Details: ____.” I will be periodically posting about the little things – how to choose something like a wardrobe for your character. Last time, I spoke about vehicles,…

Awesome Alien PSA: “Avoid Earth. It sucks. Hard.”

Originally posted on OK, This Is Awesome:
Just imagine if, instead of Earth being a small, weak, backwater that every alien species is champing at the bit to invade, it is viewed as a terrible, scary place full of violent sociopaths that every other sapient species knows to avoid like the space plague.  How would…

First Look at the Outlander Series!

Aside from loving action movies, I’m a sucker for historical novels. Add a little science fiction in the form of time travel and I’ll follow you anywhere. When I heard Starz was making Outlander by Diana Gabaldon into a series, I was more than a little excited. Here’s a first look. For those of you who have not […]

January Movies I Want to See

It seems that 2014 has a few movies I’m just itching to see; too many, it seems, for one post to rule… er… talk about them all. So instead of doing a mega gigantic post, I’m going to treat you to a monthly post highlighting the movies that interest me. To start with, I’m an […]

Daily Prompt: Simply the Best

Daily Prompt: Simply the Best Who would have thought that the place my muse speaks to me would be a twenty-year-old Suburban? I often wonder if that pastime I enjoyed as a child, the Sunday drive that has been all but eliminated because of soaring gas prices, is the reason my muse comes to me when […]

Divas on Writing: Creative Roadblocks – Write Divas | Write Divas

Divas on Writing: Creative Roadblocks – Write Divas | Write Divas

Creative Roadblocks: What keeps you from writing? As I look back on the past year, I am reminded that I didn’t write that novel I’d planned to get on paper. I wrote plenty for this site, and while I can count that as practicing my craft in a sense, it did not get me any closer to my […]

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